S3 Ep. 19 | Simple Overview of the Brain as Primary Sex Organ

Did you know that it is not your ovaries that regulate your menstrual cycle? Jamie & Teresa want to share an overview of how your brain, and more specifically the pituitary gland is the primary sex organ of your reproductive system. We will walk you through the specific pituitary hormones that regular the menstrual cycle and how that interacts with what you see on a daily basis in your cycle tracking. Jamie will give some great analogies for remembering these concepts and also dive into how our hormones effect our behavior. Lastly we will touch on the fertility pacemaker and how if this is disrupted it can lead to a disrupted menstrual cycle and give one example of this in the condition we call HA (hypothalamic ammenorhea). Enjoy and don't forget to leave us a review on your favorite podcast listening forum, subscribe & share with your friends too! Medical disclaimer: The information presented in The Hormone Genius Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for actual medical or mental health advice from a doctor, psychologist, or any other medical or mental health professional.