S3 Ep. 31 | Bonus Summer Episode on Male Fertility; Q & A with Teresa & Jamie

Men have a hormone genius too! When it comes to fertility, it takes two to tango and we want to take a dive into the issue of male infertility today on The Hormone Genius. Male infertility affects 50% of couples who are dealing with infertility. For those who are struggling with male infertility, or for those of you just interested in learning more about male aspects of fertility then you will want to listen to this episode and share it with a loved one. This is high level and although we cannot give medical advice and always recommend you talk to your doctor/healthcare provider about these issues, we want to provide basic framework of information, and a jumping off point for helping you take the next step to help a male partner/spouse, family member, or friend in your life. We should all have interest in male fertility since we all depend on both a man and a woman to be healthy hormonally, and physically and so let’s learn together how we can all take steps to improve or egg and sperm quality starting today! Medical disclaimer: The information presented in The Hormone Genius Podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for actual medical or mental health advice from a doctor, psychologist, or any other medical or mental health professional.